Welcome to North Carolina State University’s new initiative in sixth generation cellular communication systems (6G) known as 6GNC. The time is now to build a research initiative targeting the evolution of 5G into 6G cellular communications.

6GNC offers a comprehensive perspective on future cellular communication. We are bringing together experts from across the protocol stack from antennas, circuits, signal processing, and networking all the way to applications.

We are developing baseband, mixed-signal, and RF circuits, devices, antennas, and systems that have applications to communications and radar systems. In addition, we are devising new measurements, algorithms and methods for millimeter wave / THz multiple antenna communication systems, creating pathways for sensor data to aid communications, and repurposing cellular waveforms for more accurate positioning. Our experimental capabilities are extensive, including the NSF-funded AERPAW 5G vehicular testbed, which creates an ideal platform for prototyping and validating the new developed 6G techniques.