Join us as we shape the next technical directions for 6G. We envision 6G as the result of disruptive changes at three different levels: the network structure, the underlying technologies and the use cases.

An enhanced infrastructure is being developed that incorporates new elements, sensing, and new materials:

  • Base stations with expanded capabilities to sense the RF and the physical environment
  • Intelligent reflective surfaces
  • Aerial base stations -satellite, HAPS or UAV based- operating at high frequencies

New technologies are also being investigated and will likely be ready to become available in the next years to come:

  • AI at the PHY and network layers
  • Terahertz communication
  • Sensor-enabled communication, joint communication and radar
  • Metamaterial-based antennas, fluid antennas, and plasmonic arrays
  • Hardware-aware signal processing
  • Quantum communication and computation

Disruptive use cases will appear as the enabling technology becomes available. We envision some use cases that may dominate the spectrum of cellular applications:

  • Immersive extended reality
  • Connected robots
  • Automated aerial and ground vehicles, transportation
  • Connected health
  • Precision agriculture

Our team is publishing results of their cutting edge research in the areas of antennas, circuits, signal processing and networking that support the required advance of technology. Some recent publications organized in different working lines are included below:

Hardware and algorithms enabling more antennas, larger bandwidths, and higher carrier frequencies

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence for communications

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Radar sensing, communications, and positioning

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Rethinking networks

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Modulation and Multiple Access

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Compelling applications of cellular technology

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